Highlights Include

  • How to Standout among Your Peers

  • Figuring Out what your Boss Wants

  • When to Call In (Or Not)

  • What to do when your Boss is not Watching

  • How to put your best Face Forward

  • The Call of Duty

  • Positive Outlook

  • Best Ways of Avoiding Immoral or Illegal Scenarios

Great guide for new workers! It is very thorough and informative. Would definitely suggest to anyone who is just starting out in the workforce or anyone trying to get ahead at work!
This is a great handbook to help new employees to the workforce understand the importance of a strong work ethic and how to set themselves apart from their peers.
Some people may take the traits outlined in this book for granted. Some may have had to learn the lessons taught in this book the "hard way". But in either case, it is a great re-enforcement of basic skills needed to excel in any workplace.


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